The wide knowledge of this vast territory, as well as the correct selection of the adequate time to register certain animal species, or the proper selection of different landscapes, let us offer high-quality location scouting and production service to make documentaries, fiction movies, advertising spots, etc.

Our experience guarantees high efficiency in project fulfilment, thus avoiding high costs due to the inadequate selection of time or place to carry out the work.

Through videos and photographs, you can see the scenarios that meet your requirements, so then you can develop the most adequate planning according to your needs.

Our movie-maker condition, and our deep knowledge of several remote places in Argentina, especially in Patagonia, places us in an excellent position to provide you with extraordinary beautiful, unique landscapes, some of them totally unknown, as well as the necessary services to, comfortably and successfully, carry out your production work.

Among other services, our company offers:

Video and/or photograph samples of the natural scenarios you might need.

Rent of 16 and 35 mm video and/or film broadcast equipment and accessories of any kind.

Video or film underwater equipment.

Land and underwater cameramen crew.

Technical support in general.

Official arrangements such as filming permits in National or Provincial Parks.

Rent of all kinds of vehicles, boats and air transport.

Professional guides specialised in different activities.

Scientific professionals (biologists, anthropologists, etc.)

Accommodation, transport and co-ordination of the different stages of the field work.

And we offer any other service to meet your needs.

Our broad speciality is Patagonia where we make documentaries about species such as the Great Right Whale, the Killer Whale and its attacks to sea lion place, southern sea elephants, the National Parks and other topics related to the southern horizon.

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